Mirimus, Inc. was founded in September of 2010 by a team of leading scientists from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Harvard Medical School. For over a decade, collaborations between the Hannon, Lowe and Elledge laboratories spearheaded the development of the most sophisticated RNAi tools for studying mammalian gene function. Their mission was to push the boundaries of RNAi technology in order to regulate gene expression not only in cultured cells but also in live animals. This successful collaboration represented a unique opportunity to combine the RNAi resources of CSHL to drive innovative approaches for loss-of-function genetic studies as well as provide a new path to cancer target identification and validation in vivo.

We use those founding principles to remain determined to constantly innovate our technology platforms and develop custom mouse models for every research program. Using our expertise in model design, we can now generate complex models fusing advanced genome-editing and RNAi technologies