Superior RNAi Technology

Mirimus brings RNAi technology to its peak. Discover potent gene knockdown at a single copy integration and dramatically decreased off-target effects-guaranteed! Using our latest shRNA designs expressed within our proprietary miRE scaffold, we guarantee >80–90% knockdown of any gene target.


Stable gene silencing in cell lines

Mimic small molecule inhibition

Loss-of-function genetic analysis

Vector libraries for RNAi screening assays

Validate novel targets

Mirimus technology combines:

miR-E scaffold for enhanced shRNA processing

(Fellmann et al. 2013, Cell Reports)

Demonstration of reliable superior technology

(Watanbe et al. 2016, RNA Biology)

Evolution of RNAi technology

In comparison to siRNAs and simple stem-loop shRNAs, miRE-based structures mimic endogenous RNAi triggers and thus engage the endogenous RNAi machinery to induce enhanced gene suppression while dramatically decreasing off-target effects.

Figure 1. RNAi scaffolds enhance gene knockdown.
(A) Schematic of RNAi triggers used for gene knockdown.
(B) Western blot comparing miRE to prior technology using the same shRNA sequence.

Potent gene knockdown guaranteed

We can validate for you!

​Mirimus offers shRNA validation services to identify top-performing shRNAs. Using our functional Sensor reporter assay which quantifies single-copy protein knockdown levels (Fellmann, C., et al (2011). Mol Cell), we identify optimized shRNA sequences for reliable in vivo gene suppression.

Each shRNA receives a score indicative of its performance to silence its endogenous target. All validations are performed at single-copy genomic integration which reduces sequence-dependent and -independent off-target effects (Yuan, T., et al (2014). Cancer Discov).

Sensor assay

Parallel functional evaluation of ~20,000 RNAi triggers

Identifies potent single-copy shRNAs

Distinguishes between good and best shRNAs

Figure 2. Sensor assay schematic of shRNA validation. Each shRNA is cloned in the same vector as its target sequence (sensor) and assessed for its ability to knockdown a fluorescent reporter.

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